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Upcoming show @ The Oriental Theater – Jan 24, 2012

Necro Construct @ Larimer LoungeNecro Construct will be playing on March 3rd at Larimer Lounge. We will be sharing the stage with TripLip, Low Dead, and In the Company of Serpents. It also happens to be our esteemed guitarist/vocalist Rivet D. Rivet’s birthday celebration, so you should come on out and party with us!

While the show is on a Sunday, the show runs from about 5-9 PM, so you can still get home in time to get a good night’s sleep and face your Monday, wielding the power of Necro Construct!

Admission is $5 with coupon, or $10 without, but a digital copy of the $5 admission coupon is available here for your convenience!

Print the coupon or pull it up on your phone and show it at the door to get in for only $5!

Lots of News Incoming!

Our new logo.

Big announcements are on their way for Necro Construct, and rather than keep you all in suspense, we figured we’d just let each cat out of the bag as soon as it’s ready!

First off, we’re going in a new direction with our theme. The H.P. Lovecraft flavored Necro Construct is giving way to a broader theme of generalized apocalyptic science fiction. This mostly just means the band can take a broader approach to it’s music and stage performances.

In recognition of this rebirth, you will notice that our previous Lovecraftian logo “Squiddy” has been replaced with the unnamed menacing robotic figure you see now.

More news will be posted as it is finalized, so keep checking back!

All hail Hastur!


Hastur – Guitars

Here is our newest member, Hastur! He will be taking over for Rivet on guitars, and Rivet will for the time being, sing and play bass.
Hastur comes from years of experience and training in both classical and modern guitar styles. We in Necro Construct are very excited to have him on board with the band. Some examples of his guitar-sorcery will be available soon!

Bandmates Wanted!

Join Necro Construct!

Do you have what it takes?

Unfortunately, we’ve experienced some turnover in the band since our successful show at Anomalycon. Kulten has moved to Arizona to finish school, and The Saint has left the band to pursue other projects. Therefore, we need new blood in the band! We’re primarily looking for a person to do synths/keys, a bassist, and a drummer. We would also consider another guitarist, so Rivet can focus on vocals, or another vocalist, so Rivet can focus on guitars. Give us a shout if you would be interested!

Discount ticket for January 24th Oriental Theater Show

Print or show a digital copy of this ticket at the door to get in for $5

Print this coupon, or pull up this handy URL on your phone:

and show it at the door to get in to our January 24th show at The Oriental Theater for only $5!

Upcoming show @ The Oriental Theater – Jan 24, 2012

Flyer for January 24 2011 at The Oriental Theater

January 24 2011 at The Oriental Theater

Esteemed friends, we will be performing at The Oriental Theater on Tuesday, January 24, 2012. We will be playing alongside Chordis Bell and The Ditch Liquor Band. This is an 18 and up show, and admission is $5 with coupon. A link to the digital copy is available below.

We know it can be rough getting out on a Tuesday, but we are the last band and go on at 10 PM, so the show should be over well before 11, allowing you to come out and see us but still make it to bed on time for work in the morning!

A digital copy of the $5 admission coupon is available at:

Print the coupon or pull it up on your phone and show it at the door to get in for only $5!

Acknowledgments/ Attributions

We here at Necro Construct take no issue with utilizing the tools available to us in the world. No reason to reinvent the wheel, right?  Here are some of the fine open source, creative commons, and otherwise shared tools we use.

Please note that this post will be under constant update as we come across and use more of the great tools made available to us.

Construction Initiated

Construction of the Necro Construct WordPress site has begun. Soon this will be a bustling page full of craziness and non-stop musical action. But no matter how grand our plans, it begins life as single, humble, post.


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